Hey there👋,I am Omar Trkzi, and I am in love with


1. A Vision Ignites

Once upon a time, in a charming coastal city in Morocco, there lived a young Omar, an aspiring junior developer, embarked on his coding journey.

It was during his very first internship that he, within the initial weeks, began to notice a recurring pattern among himself, his fellow developers, and even his seniors – the sedentary lifestyle, the long hours hunched over keyboards, and the, whether conscious or not, disregard for physical well-being.

Omar realized that the tech community was in need of a change. He knew that developers, with their analytical minds and problem-solving skills, could optimize not just code but their own lives as well.

With this conviction, he initiated this journey by embracing fitness in his own life.

2. Birth of DevFit

A few years going by, Omar's vision was slowly taking shape. Inspired by his own transformative experience, he knew it was time to share this newfound synergy of technology and well-being with his fellow developers.

It was while listening to the Futur'spodcast over his morning coffee that he decided to bring his vision to life, and that day marked the birth of DevFit.

3. Building Bridges

The divide between the tech and fitness worlds seemed insurmountable. Tech enthusiasts were trapped in sedentary routines, while the fitness realm celebrated an active lifestyle. It was a personal challenge. Understanding both communities' needs through surveys, a mission to bridge this gap emerged.

DevFit was founded to smoothly incorporate fitness into the lives of tech enthusiasts and help those entering the web development field by breaking down long-standing barriers and creating impactful change.

4. Expanding Horizons

As DevFit continues to thrive, Omar sets his sights on new horizons. He believes that the principles of DevFit can benefit even more communities. DevFit's mission is to provide holistic growth opportunities.

DevFitters are not only writing better code but also living healthier lives. Fitness enthusiasts are discovering the joys of technology. DevFit's journey is far from over, if anything it is the beginning of a revolution in the tech industry, and you, yes you dear reader are more than welcome to join us in this adventure.

Bruh, but who are you ?

Okay, if you are a bullet points fan, regular chat-gpt user, a TL;DR person, or you just want to get to the point, here are the main skills I would say characterize me:


  • HTML, CSS & JS  (since April 2020)
  • React  (since Aug 2022)
  • AWS  (since Oct 2022)


  • Calisthenics  (since Nov 2020 )
  • Bodybuilding  (since Sep 2022 )
  • Kickboxing  (since Jan 2023 )

Where is the PDF (resume) at?

Oh, the PDF? Well, I am glad you asked, here you go:

You've made it this far? Interesting!

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DevFit was born from the fusion of coding brilliance and wellness ambition. Our mission? To empower developers and IT pros to thrive in both their digital domains and personal vitality. With a blend of innovative coding tips and invigorating fitness resources, DevFit is your ultimate partner on the journey to a balanced and successful lifestyle. We're coding the future, one fit endeavor at a time. Join us and elevate your game!

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